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Live: Clutch @ The Waterfront, Norwich (08/07/2013)

Clutch gig ticket


Sons Of Icarus – General

Monday’s an inconvenient night for a gig – there’s the depressing fug of the return to work, potentially lingering hangovers, and the knowledge that there’s four more days of it to come. As such a late night doesn’t seem the best course of action. But then this is Clutch, and so all normal rules are off, do not apply, you can take your Monday and shove it. Tonight we rock.

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Live: Cancer Bats @ The Waterfront, Norwich (18/03/2013)

Cancer Bats at The Waterfront gig ticket

Cancer Bats

Brutality Will Prevail – Empress

It’s a fair long way from Canada to little old Norwich even if you don’t just fly after dark, but Cancer Bats have managed to spread their wings and make the distance. Yeah alright so they’re a regular fixture in the big city, but round these parts the only thing hardcore is the tractors. And the farmers… with their guns. Probably. Enough of the in-the-sticks clichés, it’s nightfall and the Bats are out…

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