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Reviews: Crowbar give you a Heartworm

Actually no they don’t. What’s a heartworm anyway? Regardless go check out my latest reviews for, and ponder the power of the title.

Album covers

Crowbar – Symmetry In Black  (Kirk and co are back in black and making it look so good)

Dementia Senex – Heartworm EP (Italian genre-gamers burrow deeper into your heart)

Live/Chat: Within Temptation @ Wembley Arena, London (12/04/2014)

“Did you see that ludicrous display the other week…” Yeah I’m talking about the football. Maybe. I dunno, I didn’t watch it. I watched Within Temptation instead. And then I wrote about it exclusively for

Read the full thing here. And do a little dance.

Actually hold that dance. Also check out my interview with the lovely Charlotte Wessels of Delain here.

Now you may dance.

Live/Chat: Overkill @ O2 Islington Academy, London

The other week not only did I review the mighty Overkill on their brief UK jaunt but I also grabbed some time with super nice guy frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth who had some great insights into pie, as well as the industry today and the Overkill way.

Your only question should be which to read first! whilst you decide, wrap your brain around a taster of each:

“No doubt in part because in Overkill’s case you truly feel like you are part of something, just by being here tonight you’re part of something and connected to each and every other person in the room.”

Now read the whole review exclusively at

“We were born to seize opportunity and I think that’s what really a band is about. You know take that chance and if you can and succeed more times than fail you can string days into years and into decades, so who knows? Hopefully we’ll be back but you never know.”

Read the whole interview exclusively at

Live: Crowbar @ The Garage, London (04/03/2014)

Listen to Crowbar. I did.

Here’s a snippet: “Thing about Crowbar is they make the up-tempo and down-tempo work together; different sides of the coin as one. Only you’re never sure which side you want it to land on – slow and brooding or fast and driving. Better to just let it keep spinning on its end.”

Check out the full review exclusively at

Hear me review

Whilst things may have been quieter here, I haven’t just been slacking off. Promise. In fact I’ve contributed a handful of reviews to’s February output, which you can find here –

More specifically my ones are:

Blackberry Smoke (The Whippoorwhill) –

Dream Theater (Octavarium – yea I know, old) –

Kamchatka (The Search Goes on) –

Sister (Disguised Vultures) –


Whilst you’re at it you can check out the best of 2013 lists which I contributed to –

You can even see my own one, although weird divisions means it’s all out of place. I had Clutch – Earth Rocker at top. So there you go.