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Where I blog

This is where the magic happens… this is my blog space.

Blog space

Expecting something shinier? Sorry to disappoint, but let me give you the tour anyway.

Well, it’s a desk. What’s on it is in important.

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Fill my bag… 2013 festival checklist


Ah the skies are clouding over… it must be festival season again. No matter what the weather’s like though you’re going to have an amazing time but you’ll need a few bits to help you along the way. Whether you’re someone who packs for every eventuality or just wings it, you want to be packing the right amount – not too much or too little (unless you’re absolutely minted in the latter case).

I’m not going to give you the festival veteran line, but after an eight-year career that involves homeland to overseas festivalling I’ve learnt some hard lessons and managed to slim down my load from the ridiculous (wooden garden furniture anyone?!) to what I consider perfect for my festival experience. Maybe it will help with yours too – no-one’s a write-off yet.

Don’t be daunted – if you want the quick and to the point version just skim down the red highlights on the side, but if you want a bit more detail then read on:

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The Write Stuff

The write stuff

Writing is the skill of many, but the talent of few, and yet because all of us learn to write from a young age it seems that sometimes it’s considered as not being worth paying someone a salary to do.

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Mosh Pit Science

Science never got so rowdy

So it would seem that there’s some science behind mosh pits. And by that I mean beyond the basic biology of you getting a bruise from that big guy’s flailing fist.

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“I’m staring right back at myself, And through its frozen image I’m laughing right back at my deal”

From: Lifer by Down
First released: 1995 (Elektra)

Alright, I know there’s some disagreement over what are the right lyrics, but for these purposes myself fits best so let’s not stress it, ok?! Don’t ruin this before it’s even begun.

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