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Live: Machine Head @ The Waterfront, Norwich (03/08/14)

Machine Head at The Waterfront ticket


Machine Head


It was a long time ago that Machine Head outgrew places like Norwich. Big band, who just seem to keep growing, getting better with maturity? Too right. They haven’t needed to play places like this for many a year; just take a straight line down the middle and hit the regional big. Easy to fill, easy to kill.

Still it’s hard to believe it’s been 17 years since this city last shook to Machine Head’s riffs. We could kiss them then for announcing the Killers and Kings tour – a handful of dates in small lost-in-the-fringes places, overlooked but still loyal. Here at The Waterfront, Norwich, tickets sold out in moments. Clearly this has been a long time coming.

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Live: Hellfest 2014

Clisson. France. 2014. A field. Hellfest.

And appropriately it’s hotter than hell. This is ninth time out for Hellfest, and it’s grown a good few inches since last year.”

Check out my full review exclusively at Metal-Rules.com. You’ll have a hell of a time.

Live: Clutch @ The Forum, London (01/05/14)

“It may say The Forum above the door, but tonight this is the church of Clutch. Say hallelujah and enter all ye with the luck to have a ticket; it’s promised that you will leave changed. If they call rock a religion then Clutch are surely some offshoot branch that’s not always widely acknowledged but really touch something inside the attracted masses. They say God has a plan – well Clutch must feature in there somewhere.”

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Live/Chat: Within Temptation @ Wembley Arena, London (12/04/2014)

“Did you see that ludicrous display the other week…” Yeah I’m talking about the football. Maybe. I dunno, I didn’t watch it. I watched Within Temptation instead. And then I wrote about it exclusively for Metal-Rules.com

Read the full thing here. And do a little dance.

Actually hold that dance. Also check out my interview with the lovely Charlotte Wessels of Delain here.

Now you may dance.

Live: Red Fang @ Electric Ballroom, London (21/03/2014)

‘“Wires” opening salvo rings out in an upping-of-the-ante before Aaron Beam’s vocals slide over the top, and then there’s “Blood Like Cream”, which has garnered the Fangsters so much attention, with it’s almost indie-chorus line. The Electric Ballroom’s not-even-remotely-badass curfew means the encore is so unmilked it’s all the way back in the cow, but we do get to go full circle to the very start with “Prehistoric Dog” proving it’s still got all its teeth.’

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