“Wish You Would Hear PR – the answer’s on the back”


At Wish You Would Hear we believe if you can’t fit it on the back of a postcard you’re doing it wrong.

By ‘it’ we mean all the important information about your band. The stuff people actually need to know – this isn’t a Wikipedia entry or Facebook blurb – this is you trying to make an impression. And in a world where the inbox has become the new resting place for junk mail, we feel a jaunty nod to traditional mailing media has a certain ‘read this’ quality. And given that the average reviewer gets so many releases coming their way that most require Royal Mail on private contract that’s very much needed.

Big visuals – be that your band logo, album cover or photo, and concise text – your postcard will be as much a part of you as if you’d scribbled it yourself. And of course it also comes in an email friendly format because as much as we love real mail we like technology as well.

Once the goods are in place, we also know all the right addresses. With a wide network of review contacts, particularly in the online spectrum, Wish You Would Hear PR gets your band in the hands and ears of that important link in the chain.

For more details, to discuss your requirements or pricing drop me a line at kirsty [@] wishyouwouldhear.com

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