Where I blog

This is where the magic happens… this is my blog space.

Blog space

Expecting something shinier? Sorry to disappoint, but let me give you the tour anyway.

Well, it’s a desk. What’s on it is in important.

1.  Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet

This high quality image is of my Samsung tablet, essentially the giant version of my phone, which I use ALOT. I don’t always write at my desk with the laptop – I’m at a computer all day for my job in music PR so it’s nice to be able to lie back on the sofa or in bed or wherever to write. Unlike a laptop I can just pick up and put down the tablet as I think of things, and the note-taking and image editing functions are really handy. So there you go.

2. Headphones/mp3 player


When I’m listening to music to review, or just as background, and I don’t want to disturb anyone else I just stick on these over-ear headphones. They also help block out external noise – ie the sound of my neighbours lumping about upstairs. For on the go I use my brick of an mp3 player and in-ear headphones. Yes I’ve heard of the iPod thanks.

3. External speakers

iPod speakers

This slightly mucky pup is a simple set of speakers that I can plug my mp3 player into should the fancy take me. Although seeing as we have two or three better sets of similar speakers, and my beautiful record/CD player they don’t get used very often. Sorry speakers.

4. Diary/notebooks

This is my current diary, underneath which sits my notebook. Because sometimes I like to make notes/lists on paper. The diary is where I note upcoming gigs, various deadlines (as I also write for other sites), and schedule posts. I don’t write about boys I like.

5. Pens

Pen pot
Here is a pot of assorted pens, in various colours. And a pot of ink for if I feel like using my real pen. The Mario Boo’s are coasters. For that big drink I sometimes need.

6. Post-its, ear plugs, and USB stick

Post its, ear plugs, and USB stick
I like colour. Hence this lovely stack of paper and post-its. I use these to jot down anything I need to remember, from blog ideas to review lists. The case is for my ear plugs, which I always take when gallivanting off to cover a gig because my hearing is already pretty buggered from not having worn them when younger. And my USB stick is used for, well transferring files and storage. The usual really. But it is Batman.

7. Blog ideas jar

Blog ideas jar

Ok so not the best pic, but this is where I stick all my blog ideas so that if I’m ever stuck I just pull one out and go. Or that’s the idea. The Mario cube represents the mystery. Or something.

8. Treat ball

Treat ball
This is my treat ball. Stick your hand under it and it dispenses encouragement. It’s currently got Skittles in it – which I’ve eaten half of whilst writing this post.
9. Zombies

Zombies rubber band gun
And if I ever get really stuck, tired, or frustrated, I use this pencil-cum-rubber-band-gun to shoot zombie erasers. They don’t have much point other than taking the flack. But they are cute.

That’s it really. There’s not much you need for blogging. The most important things are time and inclination. And an ability to write.

Now if you don’t mind I have the inclination to go spend my time writing something else. So go read that next ok? Or tell me about your own blog space – you might have rockets or something I want to add to mine.

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