The Scintilla Project – The Hybrid

The Scintilla Project The Hybrid album review

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The Scintilla Project are one of those “supergroups”. You know each member has their musical history – producer/guitarist Andy Sneap (Hell), drummer Lionel Hicks and bassist Anthony Ritchie ( both Balance Of Power)… Oh and Saxon’s Biff Byford. Ears pricking up? Here’s another interesting twist, The Hybrid is a concept album inspired by the Hicks-produced sci-fi thriller film ‘Scintilla’. A story to tell then? Dialogue snippets, tailored lyrics, but just as much tale telling is in the songs themselves; the suitably cinematic dramatic sense, the flow from one to another, our protagonist is left changed, there’s progression. On that note ‘Scintilla (One Black Heart)’ opens up like Dream Theater, and the nods in that direction keep coming. ‘Permenance’ nails the melodic/riff balance, with Byford’s voice perfectly imperfectly expressive, whilst Saxon track ‘No Rest For The Wicked’ marches to close. Tell it again guys, this is good stuff.


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