Machine Head – Unto The Locust

Machine Head - Unto The Locust album review

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With words still being eaten after The Blackening, Machine Head have defied their detractors with a follow-up that proves once again their flair for modern metal touched with the indelible fingerprints of what’s gone before. ‘Be Still And Know’ rushes up with a roar, whilst ‘This Is The End’ and groove-laden ‘Locust’ already seem like long-time stablemates of Machine Head’s back catalogue. Creepy child chanting aside, ‘Who We Are’ is a beacon for the outsider backed by the marching tattoo of drums. The crux of the album though is the powerful ‘Darkness Within’ – a musician’s love song, which will resonate with anyone that’s felt the uplift of perfect composition. Dual shredding, complex structuring, and ground-opening riffs, Unto The Locust is simultaneously Machine Head, and a step beyond.


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