Lamb Of God – Resolution

Lamb Of God - Resolution album review

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“Behold the Lamb of God who roars in the face of the world” – it’s not quite how the Bible went but this Virginia five-piece are more like the lamb that swallowed the lion than the one that lay down beside it. If you were hoping for a different beast this time round though Resolution resolves nothing – this is a 14-track sermon from LOG’s well-heard gospel. But whilst ‘Ghost Walking’ feels prised out of the back catalogue somewhere around ‘06s Sacrament along with ‘Desolation’, and ‘To The End’ bounces with Pantera-style groove, the slow sludge of ‘Straight For The Sun’ and punk-blitz of ‘Cheated’ are less expected. However it is closer ‘King Me’, with its strings as opposed to slings, and haunting female backings, that is perhaps the greatest meeting of lamb and lion in LOG’s history.


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