Jimi Hendrix – People, Hell And Angels

Jimi Hendrix - People Hell and Angels album review

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I’m not one given to lauding artists as geniuses just because they’re dead. You have to have some sort of flame in life to keep it burning when you’re gone. Case in point Jimi Hendrix who made guitars spontaneously combust. Alright – with the help of a match. The point is for someone who died so young he left a hell of a lot of spark behind. People, Hell & Angels is the 12th posthumous studio release, outpacing his living releases three to one, and it’s a motley of rough jams and rehearsals rather than true finished tracks. It’s not the best Jimi collection around, with many songs released before (Hear My Train A Comin’ once more), but that immersive charisma pervades. In keeping Jimi’s legacy from burning out, it seems PH&A is another stick for the fire.


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