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Hellyeah have replaced some of their grin with grimace for album three Band Of Brothers. Bristling with more musical muscle than before, as on ‘Rage/Burn’ and ‘War In Me’, it’s as if all parties felt able to finally flex their respective might. Pumped though as Band Of Brothers is, that heaviness is tempered by some cheesy lyrics churned from pure cliché ie ‘Drink Drank Drunk’. But would you expect any less from a group that calls itself Hellyeah – a good time endorsement if there ever was one. A lot of us perhaps cut Hellyeah more slack than we otherwise might because of the attached names, namely Vinnie Paul and Chad Gray, but ultimately as the title track aims to hit home, listening to Band Of Brothers is to feel these heavyweights at your back. And that’s no bad thing.


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