Five Finger Death Punch – The Wrong Side Of Heaven and The Righteous Side Of Hell Vol 1

Five Finger Death Punch album review

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If this was a one line review, it would read ‘if you like FFDP then you’ll like this.’ Change and diversity isn’t part of the mantra. This is full-on FFDP swag, but like the guy who walks big in the hope of avoiding confrontation, the swag feels as though it’s there to disguise the fact there is no real threat. Oh and being blunt the cover of ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ is just awful. For those folk, or radios, that don’t like the heavy there’s also a few melodic outpourings like ‘Wrong Side Of Heaven’, but it just never seems ‘genuine’. Like tears extracted by force, rather than freely shed. There’s also a lot of guest vocalists – Maria Brink, Jamey Jasta, Rob Halford, Max Cavalera, but mostly as a second version of the same song. Fact is every one is better for its guest – and they’re really meant to be there to enhance the album, not save it.


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