Five Finger Death Punch – American Capitalist

Five Finger Death Punch - American Capitalist album review


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Music certainly can be a cathartic release but sometimes you feel like saying save it for behind closed doors. Maybe a professional’s. After three albums it’s how I feel about FFDP. Musically American Capitalist is a distillation of the band’s previous efforts, all big grooves and melodic leanings, but by the same measure the lyrics have sunken into a predictable veering from big-man blustering on ‘Menace’ and childish chatback on ‘Under And Over It’ to the aforementioned you-made-me-what-I-am ‘Remember Everything’, ‘Coming Down’, and ‘Generation Dead’. It’s clearly a subject vocalist Ivan Moody is desperate to talk about, moving from harsh barks to emotive cleans, but it’s turning into an angry buzz of white noise. To evoke Arnie, give the blatant whining a timeout and get back to the guts.


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