Down – Down IV Part 2

Down IV Part 2 album review

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Part 2’s – they’re often a bit shit aren’t they? Not this time – even with the exit of Kirk Windstein, Down have dug another shiny one out of their pocket. Phil doesn’t seem to have jacked up his voice running round with The Illegals, and those riffs, well they still compel. Early release ‘We Knew Him Well’ probably told you that much, but ‘Sufferer’s Years’ with its cries of “I hate this time of year”, and ‘Steeple’ will confirm any second-hand gossip. Eight-minuter ‘Conjure’ is a wolf in Black Sabbath’s clothes, but fellow long-un ‘Bacchanalia’ will tell you something you didn’t know. It starts with a sweet little guitar jam happening just below the normal listening line, and then someone wrenches the volume knob and the band pile in, before jerking into an meditative acoustic close. The seam is obvious to the ear, but it’s worth tripping on. As is Down IV – Part 2 in general.
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