DevilDriver – Winter Kills

DevilDriver - Winter Kills album review

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Winter isn’t all about Santa and snowmen – all that cold can be brutal as DevilDriver (DD) helpfully remind us with their new public-service-announcement-titled album. Winter Kills isn’t overly frosty though, it’s actually comfortingly DD – angry, metally, and angry. See the almost thigh-slappy-at-start ‘Ruthless’, which soon settles into a steady groove of bloodying your nose. Although ‘Winter Kills’ is more melodically minded, by the time you get to ‘Caring’s Overkill’ all the lyrical raging has got a bit tiresome, but you’re meant to feel that way dammit because the words are written in caps. What follows tends not to deviate, but surprisingly the cover of AWOLnation’s ‘Sail’ works. Somehow the mood is just right making the song better than its parts. With Winter Kills DD continue to do your thinking for you, they’re pissed and not always clever with it, but unlike a fall on an icy path even the most frail old lady will live through it.


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