Clutch – Earth Rocker

Clutch - Earth Rocker album review

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If as of now Clutch haven’t got their… er well clutches into you, firstly shame on you. I mean really tut tut. Secondly, Earth Rocker could be just the introduction you need, as album ten is probably their most straight up hard-rocking work to date. In the same hands of production as the fabulous Blast Tyrant, Earth Rocker comes in just behind the other’s off-kilter groove, but only just with ‘DC Sound Attack’, ‘Book, Saddle & Go’, and the title track in particular likely to get even the Earth creaking on its axis. As ever the riffs will get you first, whilst the intelligent madman lyrics will have you puzzling conclusions for weeks. Despite making us wait four years for it, there’s no grit in these gears as once again Clutch slides it into maximum first try.


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