Chimaira – Crown Of Phantoms

Chimaira - Crown Of Phantoms album review

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They’re no martyrs, but Crown Of Phantoms is a spot-on name for Chimaira’s spanking new album as a band still haunted by the ghosts of its former members. See when the ship looked a lot emptier than full back in 2011, a lot of people said Chimaira would go down with it. Crown Of Phantoms is Mark Hunter’s spit in the eye, take your teeth out response to them. Take the album-starting riff of ‘The Machine’ which doesn’t take your hand and lead you in, but grabs the back of your head and forces it. Doing a good job of capturing that Chimaira groove, the new line-up also give something of their own refusing to stay in the background. Winning on the hate front though, file the half-step slower ‘I Despise’ with ‘Pure Hatred’ under “sticks and stones ain’t got shit on these words”. It may not be a perfect fit but just like Game Of Thrones trying to take that crown could be a bloody affair.


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